Joy Karin is a Non-Fiction Memoir Writer and has a Ph.D. in Sociology. She’s trained as a Meditation, Kundalini, Mindfulness, and Holistic Yoga Therapy Teacher in the United States and India, as well as holds other certifications in Reiki, Goddess Priesthood, Creative Writing and Therapeutic Arts.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she pursued her career in the United States and the Caribbean and has taught young minds for over twenty years at the university system in Massachusetts, New York City, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. She is the author of articles and books on gender, migration, identity, philosophy, and spirituality in English and Spanish, and she has been active in social justice and human rights issues for Latina immigrant women and people of color communities since the nineties.

Her back injury and struggle with fibromyalgia has given her a unique perspective at women’s illnesses and self-recovery from physical and emotional trauma. She believes our sexual identities exude a shadow platform that when brought to light, we are able to release shame, guilt, and family conditioning, having first to go through the dark night of the soul. She lives in Northern California, and loves conscious gardening, sculpting Redwood goddesses, and swimming in the ocean.

“When I write, my mind clears up and the stories in my head get shorter, and the stories on paper, more profound. While writing, I connect with my breathing, and my nervous system gets reset. I release my shame, my mistakes, and shortcomings. Before I start any writing, I meditate, and I accept all as is. I embrace my losses and triumphs. I feel renewed. I grow and transform myself. When I’m conscious of all three processes, my creativity opens up and I become more of the woman I always wanted to be: free-spirited, strong, grounded, and loved. This daily experience gives me the confidence to be mindful of writing, breathing, and meditating, and I feel connected to my Creative Self.

I invite you to join me in this process. We’ll explore together the right combination for you, your body, mind, heart, spirit. We’ll journal, meditate, and breathe together, reclaiming the life force that unites us all. Regain a renewed sense of trust in Your Voice. Be free and unburdened, like the moon is free from the journey of the sun.”

Joy Karin


What people are saying:

“The session allowed me to focus inward while traveling creatively and fluidly through other dimensions of time and space.” Anonymous

“My session was an affirmation that I can choose to let anxiety go, flow through me, and I can honor my feelings at any given moment. I now see my feelings as opportunities to expand, new beginnings to emerge.” Gina, San Rafael, California.

“I admire her humbleness, simplicity, and her extraordinary sense of seeing the experiences in a big picture without missing the small details that enrich any moment. This is a special gift for a great teacher. After her back injury, she has left footprints through her own spiritual journey.” Ruth, Miami, Florida.


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